Mistake #1: Selling for the Wrong Price
Of course, every seller wants to get most money out of their property. However, this will not happen by pricing your property too high. A high listing price will cause buyers to lose interest before they even look at your property. On the flipside, a listing price that is too low will cause buyers to feel there is something wrong with the property, or you are hiding something. In general, your property should be priced according to its fair value, taking market conditions as well as other factors into consideration.
Mistake #2: Failing to Properly Showcase your Home
As obvious as this mistake may seem, it is still very widespread among home sellers. If you are trying to sell your home, it is imperative that you make your home as pleasant looking as possible. Failing to ensure your home is clean, presentable and welcoming will quickly turn away potential buyers.
Mistake #3: Trying to Sell to “Window Shoppers”
A good real estate agent will be able to distinguish between a “window shopper” and a real interested buyer. Trying hard to sell to the wrong people is very inefficient and time consuming. This will result in missed opportunities to focus your attention on real interested buyers.
Mistake #4: Signing a Contract with Your Agent
Take your time to pick the right real estate agent to represent you before signing a contract with your agent. You should know the exact terms of the contract, and what your salesperson will be doing to sell your property in detail.
Mistake #5: Ineffective Marketing and Advertising
Your real estate agent should have the experience and budget to employ the necessary marketing techniques to help sell your home. Today, information technology and the internet are an important means to attract prospective buyers. But tradtional marketing (printing + mass marketing) is a must to drive traffic to your internet site and reach buyers who are less likely to depend on computers for their real estate information.  When searching for an agent, make sure they have the necessary skills and resources to use the internet effectively to attract buyers. Otherwise, you will risk your home being on the market longer than it should be.

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